Planning – migration – support

Change your traditional IT with Cloud integration

Embracing the Cloud Enablement Blueprint, we navigate your cloud journey, offering both comprehensive and modular solutions tailored to your needs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Offering on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs. Scalable, secure and reliable cloud solutions. 

Enhance security, innovate faster

Microsoft Azure

Robust services specialising in data protection and user access management, customised to suit your specific needs. 

Access, manage and develop

Google Cloud Platform

Assist in building, deploying, and scaling applications, websites, and services using Google’s robust infrastructure. 

Deploy your applications efficiently

IBM Cloud

Boosts operational efficiency with hassle-free, pre-configured solutions that demand minimal setup and maintenance efforts.

Empowers AI workloads

Salesforce Services Cloud

A suite of CCS, including IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS. through public, private, and hybrid cloud delivery models.

Focus on configuring & customised solutions


Tools and services facilitating seamless integration between cloud platforms and existing on-premises systems, enabling hybrid cloud deployments.

Integrate legacy systems with Cloud

The steps we follow to achieve your goals

Tailored Strategy

The first step is to get to know your business, current standing and what is needed. Once we know the requirements, our experts prepare tailor-made and flexible cloud solution.


We specialize in cloud IT solutions and services, with a focus on migrating workloads from traditional IT infrastructure to modern cloud-based environments, leveraging our extensive expertise.


After transitioning workloads to the cloud, ongoing monitoring and management ensure compliance, security, and cost transparency. We believe in providing long-term, reliable services to our clients.

Cloud Services Engineered in Germany 

Cloud Strategy

We help you in creating and executing a tailored cloud strategy suited to your business needs. With detailed strategy preparation, you get the hold of greater flexibility and more security. Our assessment identifies actionable areas based on your current infrastructure, while our ongoing support ensures smooth integration and maintenance.  

Considering cost, benefits, and compliance, workloads can be deployed in a hybrid manner. 

Cloud Migration

Once the cloud consulting is done, we assess your company’s current IT infrastructure and develop a roadmap for migrating to the cloud along with executing the best practices outlined in Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. Most solutions are developed through Infrastructure-as-Code.  

We meticulously plan the migration to prevent workflow disruptions, enabling smooth ‘one-to-one’ transitions leveraging cloud capabilities. 

Industry-Specific Cloud Solutions

Unlock tailored cloud solutions for your industry. Our specialised offerings cater to diverse sectors, from healthcare and finance to retail and manufacturing. With industry-specific tools and capabilities, we empower organisations to streamline operations, drive innovation, and stay ahead in their competitive landscape.

Experience the power of cloud technology customised to your business needs. 

License Management

As your Microsoft & Google Cloud Solution Provider, we streamline license and service management for your cloud environment. Our transparent approach allows you to access and monitor all information conveniently.

We assist with license adjustments, and allocation, ensuring efficient billing and accommodating evolving organizational needs, providing invaluable support for companies of all sizes. 

Salesforce Services Cloud 

Unlock unparalleled customer service capabilities with Salesforce Service Cloud. Elevate your support experience, streamline operations, and drive customer satisfaction to new heights. 

Unified Customer View

Gain a comprehensive view of each customer, including their interactions, preferences, and history, to deliver personalized support.

Intelligent Automation

Leverage AI-powered tools to automate routine tasks, route cases to the right agents, and provide intelligent recommendations, speeding up resolution times.

Mobile Accessibility

Agents can access Salesforce Service Cloud from anywhere, at any time, via mobile apps, enabling them to provide support on the go and respond to customer inquiries promptly.

Customer Satisfaction

By delivering personalized, efficient, and consistent support experiences across all channels, SSC helps businesses drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Trust – Dedication – Results

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