Website Design & Development

Need to map intricate processes in a web app or establish a new platform?

Look no further! We excel in developing highly intricate web projects, offering expertise in frontend, backend, full stack, and cloud development.

Your own domain

We specialise in crafting customised solutions paired with domain registration, reliable web server hosting, and intuitive control panel access for a robust online presence.  

UI/UX design

We conduct a thorough analysis of target group behaviour to create user-centric, aesthetically pleasing designs, supporting all devices. The website structure is optimised with SEO for high visibility.

IT support

We optimise your business workflows to improve development efficiency. Our experts ensure to provide secure data transfer, backup and restore, access to SSL certificates and FTP/SFTP.

Mobile Application Development

We craft your app for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac – or all four. We ensure to use the technology most suited to your project. Our versatile development team stands active for you.

Native & cross-platform apps

Being an expert in IoT app development for iOS and Android, we offer native and cross-platform development. Our technical team ensures the maximum solution for your customised needs.

Engineered in Germany

Discover top-tier solutions engineered in Germany, delivering innovation and reliability to meet your business demands with precision and excellence.

Connectivity Experts

Optimal user experience is ensured with stable, high-performance connections via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and standards like matter. Leveraging smartphone manufacturer insights, we tailor solutions to your needs.

E-commerce Solutions

Ignite your audience with personalized experiences. Discover inventive tech solutions delivering measurable ROI, harnessing digitalization opportunities for brands and manufacturers. Ornate Solutions offers genuine, distinctive, and impactful content and e-commerce solutions.


Online shop creation & automation

From concept to launch, we’ll design, build, and automate your custom online store, tailored to your brand and business goals, or integrate e-commerce functionality into your current website.

Mobile and web-friendly

Experience modern, responsive web design for a mobile-friendly shopping journey. Our hassle-free crafted e-commerce websites ensure maximum performance across all major browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices.

Payment security and maintenance

We integrate secure payment gateways and prioritise safety. Our team will provide continuous support for maintaining and updating your online shop and secure payments.

Crafting Sites beyond imagination

  1. Content Management System (CMS) based website
  2. Website relaunch & E-commerce design
  3. Third-party integrations & updated marketing tools
  4. API interface connections and integrations
  5. Front & back-end development
  6. Testing & debugging

Mobile your business


  1. Android & iOS app development
  2. Web app development
  3. Integration of location services such as Google Maps
  4. Calander integration & Payment services
  5. oAuth 2.0 & RESTful API
  6. App store publication

Customised e-commerce solutions


    1. CMS-based shop development
    2. Management of systems like OS Commerce, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.
    3. User account functionalities management
    4. SEO optimization, customization, and scalability
    5. Software updates & security enhancements for the online store
    6. Security measures such as SSL encryption, PCI compliance, and secure payment processing



















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